Indra Jatra

Kathmandu city is recognized as the most popular city for its traditional jatras. Many jatras are organized every year and one of them is Indrajatra which is one of the most popular and largest street festivals. Indrajatra is especially observed by the newari community of Kathmandu. Basically, Indrajatra is also known as “Yenha Punhi” in Newari language. Many people come to see this jatra from all around Nepal and enjoy the historic street festival of Kathmandu. This jatra is celebrated for eight days. The local newari people begin the jatra with “Yosin Thanegu” where a huge and specifically selected linga is carried from Tudhikhel and is erected at Hanuman Dhoka. This basically implies that the jatra begins from this particular day and continues for 8 days. Three golden temple chariots are assembled outside Kumari Bahal in Durbar Square. The three chariots carrying a human representation of Kumari, Ganesh, and Bhairb takes place and ride each chariot as an attendant to Goddess Kumari. Since, the chariot procession is one of the main events of Indra Jatra, the local newari community of Kathmandu participates in pulling the chariot from one particular place to another for several days. In addition, Kaal Bhairab and Seto Bhairab is displayed for several days and various events are organized. The most popular event is “Ha tu Hyakiu” where young adults come to drink alcohol coming from the pipe above Seto Bahirab. Other several events like Lakhey Dance, Mahankal Naach, Pulunkisi Naach, Das Avatar are also shown on the special occasion of Indrajatra. In conclusion, Indrajatra is the most joyful jatra no one can ever miss to watch in their lifetime.