Father’s Day

All those people who have lost their father visit the temple in Gokarna on this Holy Day also called Father’s Day.
Father always has a special place in everyone’s heart. Father is especially considered as a teacher, protector, and savior of their children. Father’s day is celebrated to pay respect and love to their respective father. Father’s Day, basically known as ‘Kuse Ausi’ or ‘Gokarna Ausi’ is celebrated on Bhadra every year. People all around Nepal celebrate Father’s Day by paying respect to their father and giving them various gifts including food, clothes and other favorites stuffs.
“Babu ko Mukh Herne Din” simply means letting children acknowledge Father’s love towards them and paying respect to their father. People celebrate this festival thanking their respected father and giving them full of joy and happiness. On the other hand, people who have already lost their father go to the nearest temple and give Sida Daan to Pandit which includes rice, grains, vegetables, clothes, and various other offerings. Some of the people go to the nearby river and pays respect to their deceased father on this very special day. It is believed that on this day if the people who have lost their father provide offerings to the Pandit, the soul of their Father is believed to be in peace. Hence, everyone around the country celebrates Father’s Day peacefully.