Democracy Day

Democracy Day is observed in Nepal on 19th February every year which is also called “Prajatantra Diwas” in Nepali. In democracy day, the public holiday is given to all the citizens of Nepal. This day has great importance in Nepali’s history since the long-reigning Rana Regime period. Prithivi Narayan Shah, a new King ked the movement to topple the Ranas. Before the Ranas came to the throne, Nepal was an assortment of divided mini-states rather than a unified nation. An official central government existed at that time, but power was not much centralized. This was the reason (diversity and division) that allowed the Ranas to more easily take control of the government.

There were even mass killings and other intolerable abuses of power during the reign of one of the Rana monarchs, Janga Bahadur Rana. However, throughout the whole century of Rana rule, the violent clinging of total power and the accompanying opulence found at the royal palace. Many Nepalis are now looking back on this era as a very dark time.

Every year during Democracy Day, people attend various rallies and celebrate with worships and prayers to give respect and honor to the heroes of their Democracy. Various special programs are also conducted throughout Nepal during this day. Both government and private organizations holds special events to honor the fallen heroes who struggled to topple the infamous Rana Regime in 1951. There will also be several fireworks shows for Democracy Day in communities all over Nepal. The day of Democracy is a day for celebrating former leaders and being grateful for the democratic government.