Dashain Festival


Dignitaries Receiving Tika and Jamara

Dashain is one of the most celebrated festival all over  Nepal and considered the biggest festival in Nepal. This festival is the most important occasion to all the Hindu religion and is celebrated delightfully. Dashain festival is celebrated for a total of 15 days. The first day of Dashain is known as Ghatasthapana, on this day, people fill a vessel with sand, sow maize and barley seeds and the vessel is covered and worship for 10 days and is opened in the last day called tika day. On the 7th day, Phulpati is celebrated which is also known as “Saptami” and the 8th day is considered as “Maha Astami”. On this day, animals like ducks, hens, goats, buffaloes are sacrificed to Goddess Kali and then the meat is eaten as “Prasad” by the people of Nepal. Also, in this day, machines, traders, bikes and vehicles are also worshiped and puja is done. The tenth day is regarded as Vijaya Dashami which is the most important and special day of this festival. On this very day, younger ones of a family receive tika which is a mixture of yogurt, rice and banana, Jamara (planted on the first day of Dashain), and blessings from elders.

This festival is very special as all the people get together and reunite at this festival and have their best time together. People living far away from home or homeland, revisit their home and get together with their families and friends. Similarly, parents buy new clothes to their children as a part of Dashain gift and they themselves buy new clothes as well. People enjoy eating mouth-watering foods and play a lot of games including cards as well as fly kites on this special festival. People also invite guests, organize various programs, visit their relatives’ houses, fly kites, build bamboo swings, and get involved in various entertaining activities. This festival is very important to all the Nepalese people as it is the biggest festival in Nepal celebrated by a huge amount of people. Every people of Nepal enjoy celebrating this festival and forgets all their hard days. All over Nepal people get a public holiday for 15 days to celebrate it with full joy. Dashain festival is a very popular festival in Nepal where people enjoy every second of their life.