Chhath Parba

Chhath Parba is one of the biggest festival in Nepal celebrated just after Dashain and Tihar by the natives of Mithila from Nepal and India. Chhath Parva commonly known as Chhath is devoted to the god of the Sun also known as ‘Surya Dev’ who have blessed the world and the whole of mankind with its power or energy. The festival is celebrated for four days from Kartik Sukhla Chaturthi in the month of October/November where the devotee follows the rituals of fasting and stays on the bank of the holy river to worship the god of the sun. It is believed that the sun is the source of healing so devotees pray for the prosperity of their family and their loved ones. At this festival, people organize different types of fun programs, religious programs, and carnivals and celebrate the festival in a very fun way. Many tourists visit Nepal during this time of year as during this time all the biggest festivals are celebrated.